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The best thing about our health care system is that you have an extraordinary amount of choice as to who performs your surgery.  Just as we research and read reviews on products we buy it is extremely important to perform diligent research on your surgeon.  We see patients every day from hours away that choose us for their surgery because of our reputation.  You will find many practices with a number of 5 star reviews but few if any hand surgeons that have the number of detailed glowing reviews that Dr. Julka and the JIS Hand, Wrist and Elbow team does.  Dr. Julka currently has more 5 star reviews (300+) than any other hand surgeon in Ohio. This is for no other reason than the fact that we put you the patient above all else and treat you as you deserve to be treated. We encourage you to research us thoroughly and please do not hesitate to ask Dr. Julka or the team any questions you may have. 

Featured Testimonials

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I was recently treated for both left and right Carpal Tunnel and Ulnar Cubital Tunnel Syndrome through a surgery conducted by AJ Julka MD, a surgeon with Joint Implant Surgeons, Columbus, Ohio. The left and right surgeries were conducted within a two week period, with outstanding recovery. The preparation and explanation of the procedures were conducted by Dr. Julka and his staff, in a fashion that was easily understood and left a feeling of confidence that the diagnosed issues would be remedied The procedures were conducted under a "nerve block" and local anesthetic. Post op pain was minimal, with slight discomfort and no need for medication other than Tylenol. Dr. Julka's bedside manner, pre and post op, was outstanding, with excellent and concerned follow-up.
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Dr Julka was my wife's hand surgeon for carpal tunnel surgery. He talked with us as if we were human beings not just patients. So often patients are made to feel inferior when conversing with experts in a subject. Dr. AJ took time to explain and answer questions until we were comfortable. His confidence and calm demeanor made us immediately choose him to do her surgery. A few weeks later, we followed him to his new practice at JIS Orthopedics. He did her second hand surgery. The results had been as expected and she is healing very nicely. If I am ever in need of Orthopedic assist, I will contact Dr. Aj or his partners first. Excellence and expertise is what is needed with surgeons. Plus someone who will talk to you so you understand fully what will occur during the procedure as well as afterward. This was our experience with Dr. AJ. What a fine man! I can highly recommend him and his team of Orthopedic surgeons.
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We were referred to Dr. Abhishek Julka for my mother’s hand injury after she fell on ice and broke her radius and ulna. You can imagine how important it was for us (her seven children) that we find her someone with strong expertise in this field but also someone caring and compassionate! We found everything with this amazing physician! He saw her within a day and had her in for surgery the next. He even took the time to Face Time me during the pre operative visit so he could explain the procedure/x-rays and took plenty of time to answer our questions and concerns! Her surgery went well and she’s on the road back to recovery and an active lifestyle thanks to Dr. Julka! Forever grateful, Rachel
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Dr. Julka explains every option to you, gives you the choice as to which way you want to go. Then explains what he will do never rushing you to hurry up answering your questions, telling you how to reduce pain after surgery. I must say I followed everything he has told me and I have no pain in my thumb from day one. A very compassionate dr who does not like to keep his patients waiting.
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Fortunately I met Dr. Julka! He carefully listened to my issues and we discussed the possible benefit of corisone injections. He described what he would be doing and what I might expect in terms of recovery and relief. And so I scheduled the surgery for late June. And now just three months later, I have full use of my hand and am able to enjoy doing handiwork pain free. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is experiencing discomfort or pain in their hand.
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My initial visit to Dr. Julka occured in August 2018 for evaluation of a wrist problem, with 2-3 year complaint history of both sharp and chronic pain. After being seen by two other Columbus-based hand surgery specialists, both of which recommended surgery to fuse bony structures (associated with immediate loss of wrist flexibility), I sought a 3rd opinion from OSU hand specialists. Dr Julka did a complete and thorough medical evaluation with wrist manipulations and close observation, and reviewed x-rays taken at other institutions during the previous year. Dr Julka advised against surgery and instead recommended a single injection of corticosteroid-lidocaine drug combination into the wrist joint. That procedure quickly eliminated all wrist pain and the need for wearing a wrist brace during sleep and active physical activity. I also discontinued the routine use of NSAID/acetaminophen drugs for wrist pain. That single treatment has given me pain-free activity while enjoying active sports and hobbies (e.g., fly fishing, golf, biking, photography) for more than 14 months. I remain hopeful that a recent 2nd injection of the same drug combination in October 2019 will relieve a recent flare-up of inflammation and accompanying wrist discomfort. I highly recommend Dr. Julka.
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Dr Julka and his staff were awesome and helped to save my arm/life after another smaller hospital diagnosed me wrong telling me to just go home and come back in a week. This would have lead to an infection that would have spread through my arm and whole body. I tore my bicep muscle wakeboarding which caused it to end up in my forearm. It was diagnosed within 10 minutes of meeting Dr Julka and I was sent to emergency surgery the next morning. Dr Julka was able to remove it and clean the infection from my arm as well as making very straight and clean incision lines. The recovery was overlooked very carefully the entire time and I was also given the answer to any questions I had along the way. I have full mobility and use of my arm today thanks to the excellent care I received. I would recommend Dr Julka and his staff to anybody who is looking for medical help.
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I had an excellent experience with Dr. Julka who saved me from unnecessary risks of operation, potential complications after surgery and all associated costs. I had a fracture in my left hand and a smashed thump which was jammed between my car door and its frame. My first opinion decided that I need to do two operations. I went for a second opinion with Dr. Julka and he advised me not to do anything in my finger and no need for an operation in the hand. He recommended to come back in a month to watch the progress of the healing of the hand since the fracture was more than 1.5 month. Dr. Julka was absolutely right...After 4 weeks, the fracture is healing very well and the hand is fully functional. Thanks Dr, Julka for saving me from doing unnecessary operation and preventing all associated risks for operations. For sure, Dr. Julka is a man that you can trust on your health
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I recently had surgery for carpal tunnel on my right hand. When i compare this surgery to my carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand 7 years ago by another doctor, the outcome was like night and day. After the surgery several years ago, i was require to wear a soft cast and the incision was very painful for several weeks. On top of that, in took months before I was able to fully use my left hand. Dr Julka's surgery was amazing. He made an extremely small incision and when he was done, i was immediately pain free. Also, all I had to do was put a small bandaid over the incision. Thats it. My hand is getting stronger every day with absolutely no pain. I was extremely impressed that Dr. Julka, actually call me personally , twice, to check on me. I will strongly recommend him to anybody who is facing any pain in the hand or arms. Thank you Dr Julka again for a job well done.
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We came for a second opinion where a general plastic surgeon was considering surgery if my daughters wrist didn’t improve. I searched out Dr Julka and we drove 3 hours to see him. From Scheduling the appt, to the updates through their app, to arrival and visit, everything was top notch. Everyone we interacted with was among the most professional we have come across in the medical field. Dr Julka himself was fantastic not only with his knowledge but also his manner with my daughter and explaining what was really going on. No surgery, and even offering us telehealth appointment in the future since we live so far away. If you have a hand/wrist problem, it was worth what it took to get there for us.